The Ayyappa Project

Swami Saranam.
Sabari Sharanasramam proposes to document all that is known till now about Sabarimala and Ayyappaswamy. This will be an enormous ongoing project. We however, intend to make our small beginning immediately.Documentation surpasses librarianship by its attention to multiple forms and formats for documents and by a widened array of techniques to handle these. It is a “cultural technique” that addresses the needs of contemporary culture at large and, most importantly, the needs of individual cultures of scientific disciplines and scholarly production, for the rapid and efficient delivery of documents toward scholarly advancement. We aim to make sure that all procedures and documentation are written adequately for the people who will be using the information. Users have varying degrees of expertise, cultural backgrounds, and learning styles. Procedures should be properly organized, that is, in a logical sequence starting with an overview. The main avenues are listed here. More will be added as and when brought up. The likely sources of information are also listed, and suggestions for more are invited. Documents will be presented digitally and otherwise in necessary formats. A large number of places and people are to be visited. Elderly devotees and the like are to be traced and listened to. Much research is to be done. It is no small task. At the end, we hope to produce the best and last word on Ayyappa information for all times to come. Financial constraints are there. During the first three months, we need to spend on basic infrastructure like computers, cameras and the like. Accommodation in central Kerala has to be arranged. Travelling expenses of the Team might be high. Expenditure on machines might come to Rs 3 lakhs. Living and travelling costs of the Team would be around Rs. 60000/- monthly. Other contingencies might be around Rs. 1.5 lakhs. We need a sum of Rs. 7 lakhs to start off. We can only appeal to our friends and well-wishers to help us out. Once begun, this great Project would go on to emerge as the greatest Information venture in the temple culture of the country. We request all Ayyappa devotees to please lift their helping hands to enable us to commence the venture.

May Ayyappaswamy shower his blessings on you!
Kummanam Rajashekharan