Devaprashnam 2005

Vizag-Kollam train for Ayyappa devotees to Sabarimala.
November 1, 2019
Fire at Sabarimala
November 2, 2019

Devaprashnam 2005

Ashtamangala prasnam conducted on the sunday, the 16th of april 1995 {1170-medam 3} to
ascertain virtues and evils afflicted to the presiding deity lord darmasastha having hastham
as the star and other sub-deities of sabarimala witnessed makaram raasi emerging as swarna
aaroodam at a time when idavam raasi was the udhaya raasi on the swathi star, thula kooru.

the gold coin appeared in the middle of the floral bunch obverse {face up} tilted towards
southwest. other particulars of the prasnam are:

swarnamsakam – kumbham

ashtamangala sankhya – 831

time of prasnam – 08.59 hrs

time elapsed after sunrise – 6-50 {na-vi}

pradamaneethi – redflowers and thulasi

no: of betel leaves – 19

lamp – bright with five wicks

astrologers participated in prasnam

1 sri sulapani warrier, edappal

2 sri paravur sridharan thantri

3 sri edakkattu vijayan nambiar

4 sri ponnakudam narayanan nair, aluva

5 sri p g nambisan, kozhikode

6 sri edavalam narayanan nambudiri

7 sri v m rarichan kutty

8 sri p gopinathan nair